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Looking for an economical yet effective way to both protect and promote your brand? Allow us to produce a one-of-a-kind custom image holographic label for you. We can take your company logo or any company mark you wish and produce a secure, attractive and elegant holographic label for you. Using advanced holography technologies, we can build into your label multiple security features, such as 3D images, covert letters, micro text or nano text, multilayer, stereogram etc. in a small self-adhesive label for authentication. Using de-metallization process, we can add serial numbers or bar codes to enhance the security and logistic functions. We can also make them into tamper evident labels with custom break patterns or destructible labels. Security labels are easy to apply and inexpensive to integrate with existing manufacturing operations.


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Promote and Protect your brand

Eye-catching custom image holographic labels

As easy as 1 2 3 4...

1) Choose which holographic elements to include in your design:

  • Multi-channel effect
  • Micro text
  • Nano text
  • Hidden image
  • De-metalized number/image
  • Holographic color effect

2) Choose which label features you would like for functionality:

  • Circle or rectangle die cut
  • Custom shape die cut
  • Coloring/tinting
  • Double liner
  • Serial numbers
  • Bar coding

3) Choose your adhesive:

  • Standard
  • Standard tamper evident
  • Honeycomb tamper evident
  • Custom tamper evident
  • Friability tamper evident

4 What format would you like your labels:

  • Sheeted
  • Roll
  • Slit Rolls

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